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Universal Gadget Wrist Charger


    Price $39.99 GadgetKid Review This gadget is basically a wristband that charges almost any gadget! You need to first charge the wristband by plugging it in to your USB port. Once it is charged, you plug it into the gadget that needs charging. The wrist band comes with multiple cables which allows you to charge: iPhone & iPod, … More >

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USB Memory Watch


    Price $49.99 GadgetKid Review The USB memory watch is basically a flash drive, but in the form of a watch! I think this a pretty cool gadget and it works great! All you do is plug it into your USB port with the supplied cable to load data and plug it in to access data!  A lot of … More >

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Video Player Watch


      Price $199.99 GadgetKid Review This watch is basically a watch where you can listen to music with the built in speaker, view pictures, record voices, or watch videos. To download everything you plug it into your USB port with the supplied cable and use the software provided to choose what you want to have on your watch. It has a built in microphone so you can record voices. It also has a rechargeable battery so you have to recharge your watch. You can view the time with the built in digital time display. The only bad thing is that you have to watch videos on such a small screen, and that sort of annoyed me. Besides that, it is a pretty awesome watch! Video

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