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Veho VCC003MUVI Micro DV Camcorder


  Price $55.00 GadgetKid Review I absolutely hate this helmet camera! The resolution is terrible so that means the video is extremely blurry. It also has terrible sound quality! I bought this gadget and ended up returning it because I disliked everything. If I had to say something good about the gadget it would be it small and compact size, … More >

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Video Pen


  Price $79.99 GadgetKid Review I think the video pen is awesome!! It has great resolution and sound! Also, the battery lasted for a very long time. In my opinion it is one of the coolest spy gadgets I have ever seen! Once you are done filming, you can download it on to your computer and share it. I would … More >

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Pet’s Eye View Digital Camera


Price $49.99 GadgetKid Review This product is basically a camera that you attach to you pets collar. You can set it to take a picture every 1, 10 or 15 minutes! It is really funny to see what you pet does all day! One of the bad things is that the resolution is not that great so some of the … More >

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Go Pro Helmet Cam


Price $299.99 GadgetKid Review IT IS THE BEST CAMERA EVER!!! I LOVE IT!!! Since it is so small it is easy to carry around, and attach to your helmet. It is sort of hard to believe that it is HD! If you like to ski, snowboard, bike,…. You should totally buy it! Usually I have something bad to say but … More >

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