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X-mini Capsule Speaker


Price $22.99 GadgetKid Review This speaker is so tiny, but it has huge sound! I was surprised how loud this speaker was for its size! You can plug it into almost any mp3 player! You can recharge the battery via your USB port and the battery lasts 4-8 hours depending how loud you set the volume. Just so you know … More >

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LEGO Minifig USB Flash Drive


    Price $29.99 GadgetKid Review Video Price $24.99 GadgetKid Review This flash drive is basically a normal flash drive but in the shape of a LEGO figure! If you are a big LEGO fan I highly recommend that you look into this! It can hold up to two gigabits in data and it is compatible with Mac or PC. … More >

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Angry Birds Speakers


  Price $79.99 GadgetKid Review These speakers are awesome. The speakers are just like normal portable speakers but in the shape of an angry bird character. All you do is plug in your Apple device and listen!  Any real Angry Bird fan would love this awesome gadget!! There are three different models so you have to choose from: Red Bird: … More >

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