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LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp


  Price $29.99 GadgetKid Review This gadget is basically a tank full of 3 fake jellyfish. I honestly think this product is completely useless, and sometimes the jellyfish have trouble moving around the tank. But if it does work, I have to admit it is a pretty cool gadget.  You can change the color of the light in the water. … More >

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Ghostbusters 12” Neon Sign


  Price $129.99 GadgetKid Review Any true Ghostbusters fan would fall in love with this 12” neon sign.  The neon sign measures 15×12. A universal power cord and adapter are provided with this cool sign! The only bad thing about this sign is the price, I am not sure I would be willing to pay $130 for it, but if … More >

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Laser Virtual Keyboard


    Price $179.99 GadgetKid Review This is definitely one of the coolest gadgets I have every seen in my entire life! This gadget is basically a virtual keyboard that is projected on to your desk by a small projector. It is almost like a virtual touch screen! What you do is connect it to your device by bluethooth and … More >

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Price $29.99     GadgetKid Review I have a luminglass and I personally like it but mine broke. It is not the most durable thing, but I think it was cool when it worked. There are three settings off on and voice control. It is also tough screen; it looks really cool when you turn the lights off. Overall if … More >

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LED Showerhead


    Price $39.99 GadgetKid Review The LED showerhead is basically a shower head that changes from blue to red based on the water temperature. I honestly think this gadget is completely pointless, but it is sort of cool. You do not have to replace any batteries because the LEDS are powered by the running water. Overall, I have nothing … More >

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Scrolling LED Name Badge


  Price $29.99 GadgetKid Review Basically this product is a name tag that lights up a message. You can program it to scroll through any message you want that is 512 characters or under.  You can also adjust the brightness. Honestly, I think this is a pretty cool gadget. Find This Awesome Gadget Here Video

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USB Plasma Ball


I think the USB Plasma Ball is awesome!!! When I first turned it on it put on a cool light show for me and then when I tried to touch a bolt of electricity flowed through my finger! It would be really cool to have it on your desk. The only problem is when you plug it in to your USB port it uses so much power, anything else you plug in will not work. I think it is worth buying!! More >

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Multi Color LED Light With Remote


  Price $39.99 GadgetKid Review I own one of these and I think it is cool. It comes with a remote that allows you to change the bulb any color you want. You can also set it to strobe and it will keep changing colors. I personally think it is useless, but it is still cool to own. It looks … More >

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Laser Stars Projector


    Price $169.99 GadgetKid Review Although I am not a big fan of outer space gadgets I have to admit that the laser stars projector makes you feel like you are floating in space. You can transform any dark room into outer space. The stars look really pretty realistic. If your room is boring  this will make it more … More >

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  Price $79.99 GadgetKid Review I think the laserpod is awesome!! You can instantly turn your own room into a laser show. This is totally worth buying. Any kid would like it. It can even fit on your desk! You can get it in two styles: 1. red, blue, and amber 2. Red, green, bright blue, deep blue, and purple. … More >

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