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Cloud Cloud Force Helicopter


Price $59.99 GadgetKid Review The Brookstone Cloud Force Helicopter is easy to control and extremely fun. I was once trying it outside and it went around 60 feet in the air. The led lights are really cool! If you bye it from brookstone I highly recommend you get the helicopter insurance. If you bye the insurance and then you break … More >

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Parrot AR. Drone Quadricopter


  Price $299.00 GadgetKid Review I think this one of the coolest gadgets  we have on the site! This product is a quadricopter that you fly by tilting your iPhone or iPod touch!!!  It has a camera mounted on the front and it sends a live video feed to your apple device! It does not run out of battery quickly … More >

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U Control Silver Bullet


  Price $29.95 GadgetKid Review It is a really cool RC toy when it worked! When I was flying it parts broke and it went crazy and I could not control it. We could not fix it even with the repair kit. Every time we tried to fly it after that it failed and plummeted to the ground. So I … More >

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Price $799.99   GadgetKid Review I personally think rovio is the coolest rc toy ever! You can control it over wifi so you can control it any where in the world! It has a built in camera and mic so you can hear and see where you are going. You can even speak through it. If your Rovio is running … More >

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